gps elocks for cargo

Cargo theft has become a major issue for businesses all around the world. Cargo theft can have serious ramifications for a business since it can result in the loss of items or even the entire cargo trailer. Not only will you lose money, but your company’s reputation will suffer, and client loyalty will suffer as a result of the customers’ lack of faith in you.

How often do you wonder about the safety and security of your cargo vehicle and how often do you wish for a way to know the status of where it is. The answer to all your worries is GPS e-locks and padlocks. It is considered to be one of the best tracking devices which has a two-fold use; tracking the cargo and safeguarding it. When you employ a GPS tracking device like a GPS Padlock to track your cargo trailer, you can decrease illegal use or theft, protect your cargo trailer, and even improve asset utilization.

cargo elocks

Advantages of a tracking device

You can secure your cargo trailer with a GPS Padlock and track it through the lock. Other tracking devices, which you can attach to the trailer and then track from anywhere, work in the same way. You won’t have any troubles because the device is battery-powered, and it will have long battery life and won’t be affected by changing weather. Let’s go through some of the additional benefits or features of a GPS Padlock or e-lock so you can see how it can aid in the safety of your cargo trailer.

1. Can easily track the location

With a GPS Padlock or e-lock, you’ll be able to track the current location of your cargo trailer no matter where it’s traveling. Such a feature will be invaluable in reducing the chances of your cargo trailer being stolen. Furthermore, if you can track your cargo trailer, you will be able to identify it if it is stolen. You’ll be able to monitor your trailer wherever it goes, and there’s a chance it’ll be recovered.

2.Security Alert features

Some GPS padlocks also have security alert functions, so you can get quick notifications if your cargo trailer’s security is breached. Hence, it’s ideal for keeping your trailer safe from any illegal activities. Let’s say someone tries to open the GPS Padlock without using the key or code. The gadget connected to any other device you’re using to track your cargo trailer would then receive security alerts.

3. Geofence & Geozone alerts

You will not only be able to see where your cargo trailer is, but you will also be able to verify information about the trailer’s arrival or departure in the form of alerts. It’s ideal for receiving automated notifications about when you’ll get a specific shipment. You’ll also be notified when your truck departs on its trip, allowing you to keep a better track of it from anywhere.

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