Digital Elocks and Padlocks

Gone are the days when there used to be stiff working hours. Working has become more flexible in the present times. Now people can adapt their office to a new normal & make access control easier with the help of a smart lock.

Flexible hours, hybrid locks and hot desks are the new concepts in our new normal lives. The gates, cards and dedicated reception desks are not good enough security solutions in the present times. Also, those installations are extensive and expensive. 
The need for secure access to business premises is still the need of the hour, no matter whether it is a corporate office, real estate agency or a coffee shop. If you are searching for a cost-effective, easy and impermanent way of serving the same purpose, then a smart lock like a digital e-lock can be of great use to you. 
Old solutions are no more relevant for new office setups  

The company premises of present times are no more scattered between buildings, floors or countries. Typically, every location will require a separate security system that is well-synchronized with one another. There is a challenge for installing, configuring and managing to make work cards work at all places.

Does anyone still work nine to five in present times?  

The concept of clocking hours is fading. The overall motive is to get a job done. This used to be coming to an office at a specific time & queuing towards the installed coffee machine. That is no more a productive concept for the companies.

Today, companies allow their employees to go to the office only if they have some meetings. Unlike the conventional nine to five, attendance in the office is fading. So, with the changing trends, employers are also required to adapt to their security. 
The employees require a steady access control that is flexible and safe. With the help of a digital e-lock, the employees get access to the office 24/7. The employees can hard-lock the office just with a tap. Revoking or granting ‘digital keys’ is just a matter of seconds. This resembles a reception desk, but it is in the cloud. 

Digital e-locks/padlocks are lesser expensive as compared to security hardware.

In the conventional security system in the offices, you would require gates or card readers to open the door. Then the equipment is required for the card coding and linking with the help of central software or interface. All of these have a price, and maybe you require a maintenance feed for the same. Business conditions, staff rotation and property market, do not encourage extensive investment.

Digital e-locks demands a one-time expense for the hardware and devices. You have the option of customizing the same as per your requirement and taking the same with you. You can use dedicated software on mobile & desktop, and there are no such maintenance fees for the same.

On-boarding and off-boarding in offices becomes easier, quicker and convenient with digital e-locks.

New hires must move to their roles or training soon after joining. Even while parting ways, both the employees & employers appreciate a smooth situation. This may not be a big problem if your team is tight & permanent. Still, in case the company quickly expands or hires short-term interns or consultants, then giving them access to office premises is easier, cheaper and convenient with the help of digital e-locks. 

With a smart e-lock, you can grant or revoke an employee’s access just with a tap. Digital e-locks are perfect to be used for securing storage rooms and documents archives room. The storage rooms or document archives might be areas where a standard lock may not be enough. The management of a company may require maintaining a complete history of the personnel who have entered the room or getting real-time alerts of the entries in the room. 

The history logs can be accessed in classic controlling systems, but mobile notifications in real-time may not be possible. With the help of smart digital e-locks, this process becomes smoother. In some of the smart locks, the access can be logged even if the lock is opened with the help of a key.

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