security elocks for transporation

Security e-locks are something that we do not pay a lot of attention to, but they are of significance. With burglary & terrorism on a high in the present times, special care is to be taken for securing the containers and trailers during transit. For the trailers and containers that are travelling within the country borders and cross-border, the two ways of securing containers and trailers are by using the security tags and enhancing the locking mechanisms by using the best security e-locks for transportation.

The loss that occurs during the transit phase gets unnoticed due the rise in FMCG, e-commerce and several other industries as more and more bulks are being transported. The manufacturers and retailers depend largely on the vast logistic sector. So, new technology was required for the logistics sector that enables it to track & monitor the goods while in transit.

Just tracking the goods’ vehicle during the phase of transit is not enough to solve the security issue and are not going to prevent pilferage and theft. Hence, the new technology enabled the discovery of e-locks that can track the consignment’s goods remotely and monitor the operations of the lock by the authorized party.

Let us discuss more details about these best security e-locks for transportation.

elocks Smart security e-locks for carrying valued goods 

The issue of pilferage and theft occurs very often as the authorized parties do not have proper access to track the vehicles during the course of transit and have no factual information regarding who, where, and when they have opened the particular lock.

The progressive companies engaged in the development and production of the security e-locks can now provide a very viable and effective solution to the growing issues of losses during the phase of transit and help the companies save a lot of money. The security e-locks monitor the movement of the goods and secure the goods that are of a high value by providing:

  • Enhance security
  • Tracking of the goods in real-time
  • Monitoring of the goods when opened or assuring that the goods in the containers are being opened at an authorized place only by the authorized party.
  • Remote operations
  • Overall accountability

The makers of the security e-locks have a vast knowledge of the technology of encryption solutions that enables them to make the best products. The solutions that the customers receive are as follows:

  1. Mobile application – The mobile application for supervisors and drivers is developed for easy control and access. The supervisor can track the real-time status of the goods & have complete access & control. Supervisors can have a real-time status of the goods and complete access.
  2. Web application – The web application provides remote access to the party’s solution and ensures complete safety.
  3. GPRS technology – There is an in-built GPRS, GPS, memory, Bluetooth and various sensors in the security e-locks. Thus, these e-locks offer a considerably high level of security to all the goods and an intuitive interface.
  4. Real-time reporting – The security e-locks enables the users to generate real-time reports of the goods for monitoring & informing about the tampering of the goods in transit.  

The applications of the security e-locks for transportation 

The security e-locks are used in several industries like:

  • Logistics & road transportation industry
  • Financial institutions and banks
  • Gas and oil transportation
  • Uncrewed stations
  • Rental of real estate
  • Retail (FMCG)
  • Remote warehouses
  • Stations of cellular tower  
  • Construction sites

 The bottom line 

The best security e-locks for transportation have proved to be very useful for monitoring of the trips real time, from the initiation of the trip until the consignment reaches the destination. Also, the locks can only be opened at the designated destination with the help of a unique and specially designed digital key after a number of authorizations by the authorized team or person, either in-person or remotely.

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