Digital Smart Locks vs Traditional Locks

Digital smart locks are automated security systems that have brought an extra edge to your property’s security system. With time and improvement in technology, people have become more particular regarding security and privacy. So, new-age digital smart locks have been developed in several forms that are being widely used, from your home’s front entrance to smartphone.  
The differences between digital smart locks and traditional locks 

Digital Smart Locks vs Traditional Locks

Firstly, you require to understand the difference between ‘smart’ & ‘traditional’ locking systems. Most of you must not be aware of the terminology of ‘traditional locks’, and you refer to them as ‘locks’. These are essentially average door locks that are not automated and are used manually. All you do is rotate a key, & a deadbolt ends up locking your door. On the contrary, digital smart locks are automated and improved versions of the age-old traditional locks equipped with retrofitting accessories. Digital smart locks are being increasingly adopted into modern smart homes and various businesses. They also operate a similar traditional deadbolt. However, in this case, the overall mechanism can possibly be engaged & controlled smartly from remote locations, which has brought several improvements to the security experience of homes and businesses. 

As you know the various forms and shapes of traditional locks, the advanced smart locks are also available in various designs and shapes. Some of the advanced digital smart locks are available with enhanced features like keypads, security cameras, touchpads etc. Some of the digital smart locks can be controlled remotely with the help of a mobile application. 

The ways digital smart locks are safer than traditional locks 

The traditional locks are very vulnerable to be picked as a seasoned burglar can easily snap a traditional lock’s deadbolt within just a few seconds. Thus, with rapid advancements, a traditional lock is no longer a safe enough option to be used to protect your property. On the contrary, digital smart locks varieties like GPS smart e-ocks and GPS padlocks are available using advanced technologies. The protocols like Zig Bee, Bluetooth, NBIoT, LoRa & WiFi are essentially used to exchange the data between the digital smart locks and the smart electronic devices that we use in our daily lives. Thus, one using a digital smart lock can keep their respective system and apps updated as well as their passwords secured for receiving the best security. However, these electronic locking systems do not cut down the risk of anyone sweeping the key from beneath your doormat or picking the lock or smashing the way through the door. Still, if any of these happens, your digital smart lock will immediately be able to alert you regarding the same, no matter whichever part of the globe you are in. A prevailing misconception is that digital smart locks can be hacked easily, but there is no truth in this. As a matter of fact, just the opposite of this misconception is true as the environmental awareness and connectedness that are being used in digital smart locks like GPS padlocks add extra security that, in turn, enhances the security layer. 

The bottom line  

The GPS smart e-locks are GPS remote electronic locks &asset tracker devices that can be used for several purposes like securing tanker trucks, trailer tracking and monitoring, consignment monitoring, etc. The GPS padlocks are another great door lock for cargo trailers. Adopting these digital smart locks gives enhanced security. Moreover, these are more versatile and convenient to use. So, adopting any of these digital smart locks can prove to be a game-changer in your daily life and can be concluded as the ‘future of security’ very safely. 

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