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With changing times and massive technological improvements, the locking solutions provider industry has also undergone a massive transformation. The focus has been majorly on adding more premium features to the locking solutions. In keeping up with the trend and being a major player in the digital locking solutions segment, IMZ brings a wide range of the best digital locking solutions for various purposes to the market. The IMZ GPS E-locks is one of the most appreciated products from the company and is also ranked as one of the top sellers in this segment. 

Features of the IMZ GPS E-locks 

gps elock

The IMZ GPS E-locks are most suitable for fleet management solutions. Fleet management involves the general duties of supervision and administration & tracking of the required vehicles based on certain set parameters.

IMZ GPS e-locks is considered the best digital locking solution ever because of the number of advanced features these digital locks have. The major features of IMZ GPS e-locks are:

  • Real-time tracking of the goods consignments while they are in transit with the help of these locks.
  • There is a possibility of receiving real-time alerts in case of thefts or asset tampering.
  • These locks offer Driving Behavior Analytics and Fleet Data.
  • These locks are even useful in fetching reports on fuel monitoring.
  • The IMZ GPS e-locks can give speed alerts to the authorized person tracking a particular vehicle in transit.
  • There are provisions for receiving SMS alerts as well.
  • Route optimization is possible with the help of these advanced digital locks.
  • You may be able to obtain M.I.S. Reports from this advanced range of digital locks.

 A closer look at the underlying benefits of IMZ GPS E-Locks that makes them a top-notch product in this segment

Following are the special underlying benefits of the state-of-art IMZ GPS E-locks that make them a desirable product:

  • Tracking real-time – The business houses and logistics companies can track their goods-loaded vehicles in transit very easily by figuring out the vehicles’ speed, current location, E.T.A. and last milestone crossed. These real-time tracking features are very beneficial when there are delayed vehicle movements, excessive idling, route deviations, certain unnecessary stoppages, etc.
  • Geo-fencing – The IMZ GPS E-locks will successfully mark the route that is travelled by the concerned vehicle and their origin & destination location. The predefined areas can be the geo-fenced areas, and thus it is possible to receive notifications when a vehicle makes in or out of the marked geo-fences.
  • Unlocking/locking mechanism – When it is about ordinary locks, then the same can be opened with the help of a key, and no alarm notifications are usually received in case of tampering or case of any illegitimate activities. Using the G.P.S. embedded digital locks, the remote commands also serve as a very intelligent key for verifying the user’s identity and where the locking/unlocking activity is being performed. Also, this will provide notifications/alarms in case of string cut or tampering events. This very well answers the question like where, whom & why the lock is being opened. These keyless locks do have the entire list of the individuals who have operated the particular lock with time stamping and exact location.
  • Standalone device – The IMZ GPS e-lock is one of the best and one of the kinds of standalone digital locking devices with a strong in-built battery embedded in it and can last for a long time of 45 days once when fully charged. There is also an indicator indicating the battery level.
  • Dual SIM mechanism – This will provide a dual SIM mechanism that is exceedingly beneficial, especially in transporting goods across borders. The second SIM will start working as soon as the first SIM stops working.

 The bottom line 

The IMZ GPS E-locks are very beneficial due to their long list of features and benefits. So, we can safely conclude that these e-locks are the best digital locking solution ever in today’s market.

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