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When transporting products from one location to another, the driver’s focus would not be door security. However, if something occurs, it might turn into a tremendous nightmare. Due to insufficient security levels and a lack of appropriate cargo trailer door locks, cargo theft might result in significant losses for businesses. Yes, skilled, knowledgeable, and well-seasoned drivers are required for greater cargo security. They are, however, human beings, and they cannot guarantee that the goods will be safe at all times. As1 a result, cargo trailer door locks are required. Cargo theft is on the rise, and it’s a major concern for businesses. It has the potential to be extremely expensive. As a result, the most effective strategy to address this problem is to put in place strong theft prevention measures. Listed below are some of the best smart e-locks for 2022.


1.Trailer Security Lock

The Trailer Security Lock  lock is a container truck security lock that helps prevent losses caused by theft or unanticipated occurrences while the container vehicle is in transit. Location, tampering, mounting and unmounting events, historical data, and much more are all available in real time. It is a heavy-duty, waterproof lock based on OTP that is ideal for shipping containers to improve cargo security, minimize risk, and increase profits. There’s no need to be concerned about cargo theft any longer. This GPS Lock gives you the finest possible experience.

2. GPS Padlock

The GPS padlock is another great door lock for your cargo trailer. It includes powerful wireless communication and GPS technologies, which are used to create high-security and heavy-duty smart locks. It has a built-in capacity battery that is convenient for you and gives all of the necessary power to operate the lock. The GPS padlock is a keyless lock that is visible from the outside. It’s simple to open through Bluetooth, SMS, or RFID, which makes it more secure because intruders won’t be able to steal the keys if there aren’t any. It’s simple to set up and take down, and it can even be disconnected. It has a GPS accuracy of 5 meters, allowing you to quickly track it. It also consists of an aluminum alloy with a 304 stainless steel lock rod, making it difficult to break.

3. BLE Lock

Another excellent cargo trailer door lock is the BLE lock, which provides strong security by unlocking the door with cryptographic keys. It also allows you to view all of the lock/unlock history records for this particular lock. It also helps you to keep track of the shares and revokes you’ve made. As a result, you can now use this door lock to effectively secure your cargo trailer door. It has external visibility and comes with an in-built charging capability, so it doesn’t need to be charged. It’s composed of aluminum, and it only takes two minutes to put together.

4. Fingerprint Lock

One of the greatest cargo trailer door locks is the fingerprint lock. It has keyless unlocking options, which can make your trailer’s security even more convenient. You’ll no longer have to worry about forgetting key combinations or losing keys. To unlock the door lock, all you need is a fingerprint, and burglars won’t be able to open it because they won’t be able to get your fingerprints.

If you want to ensure that your cargo trailer is completely safe from theft, you should invest in the best cargo trailer door locks. This blog will teach you about all of the features and considerations to look for in a trailer door lock, as well as some recommendations on the types of digital e-locks. We’ve covered four of the best cargo trailer door locks, all of which will help to protect your cargo trailer in case of any thefts or break-ins. 

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