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Best Smart E-locks For 2022

When transporting products from one location to another, the driver’s focus would not be door security. However, if something occurs, it might turn into a tremendous nightmare. Due to insufficient security levels and a lack of appropriate cargo trailer...

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What To Look For In A Digital E-Lock/E-Lock For Trucks, Containers, Cargo

As a fleet manager, imagine you have a critical shipment to deliver to a faraway location. There is high-value cargo in the shipment. It is this that you’re most concerned about. What if it gets misplaced? What happens if...

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gps elocks for cargo

Why GPS E-Locks And Padlocks Are A Must-Have For Your Cargo Security

Cargo theft has become a major issue for businesses all around the world. Cargo theft can have serious ramifications for a business since it can result in the loss of items or even the entire cargo trailer. Not only...

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